Virtual visits are a great way to get a taste of campus before your in-person tour or to sample a bit of LaGrange life through the eyes of students. Because everyone “does virtual” a little bit differently, we offer a variety of ways to explore. Take a self-guided map tour, swipe through student-led video tours or swipe through Insta grids.

Press pause at any time to send us a question, schedule your own personal tour or register for an upcoming event.


Let Pegman show you around

Want to stroll around our nearly 140-acre campus? You won’t get winded by the changes in elevation if you check out the interactive map here. Sort by the facilities you’re interested in, or just plant Pegman (yeah, that little guy in the corner) and go for a “walk.”

You’ll get to experience:

> Our historic hilltop facilities (dating to the 1850s) atop the highest point within the   city of LaGrange. Think classic red-brick buildings, white columns and lots of tree-   lined walkways.

> History balanced with technology, as evidenced by a $21 million investment in new   math and science facilities, including the modern laboratories inside Hudson Lab   Sciences Building.

> Some of the finest Division III athletic facilities in the Southeast, like a baseball and   softball complex, beach volleyball courts and Callaway stadium.

> Fine Arts spaces to give your creative ideas room to grow. Check out Lamar Dodd Art   Center and its in-house gallery or the amazing performance and rehearsal spaces   inside Price Theater, West Side and Callaway Auditorium.


Meet the experts 

There’s no one better than our current students to give you a sense of life at LaGrange. Meet some of them below, and find out how the nearly endless possibilities here have prepared them for success.