President Rev. Ashley Fitzpatrick Jenkins '08
Previous President Dr. Rhett C. Yates M'99
President-Elect Spencer D. King '00


Lori Medlock Anderson '83

Dr. LeThenia Joy Baker '02

Julia Glenn Barber '74

Nina Wyman Bradford '18

Mary Wells Conway '72

Tom Conway '69

M. Jane Cooley '83, M'84

Jean Simmons Daniel '70

Katie E. Daniel '10

David Haggerty '00

Gina Lusk Haggerty '99

Mary Leslie Hardy '93

Dr. William "Bill" Kiser '69

Becky Johnson Loveless '10

Corey B. Morgan '17

Marty Hudson Rothwell '88

Gail McLachlan Sherman '78, M'80, Ed. S. '12

Amy Miller Walker '80,M'84

Rob Walker '81


The Wisteria Garden Club offers interested alumni, friends, and family of LaGrange College an opportunity for continuing education in the areas of home gardening, landscape design, and flower arranging. Utilizing their increasing knowledge, the garden club is recognized within the Elms and Roses Garden Club Council, in the Redbud District within the Deep South Region of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., overseen by the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Contact: Office of Alumni & Community Relations for more information 706.880.8244
President - Leslie Alsobrook Sebaugh 
Vice President - Ann Blackwell
Secretary - Amy Davis
Treasurer - Susan Haak Hinson M'94, Ed. S'11
Chaplain - Elaine Howard


Ann Morrow Blackwell
Marjorie Steis Bowling '58
Suzanne Countess Cook '92
Bonnie Funderburk Dudley '75, M'83
Marcia Fountain Ferri M'93
Gail Lee Gordon '80
Donna Dean Harman M'77
Debbie Massengale
Alesia Nixon
Jane Robinson
Brenda Spradley
Genie Sutton
Harriet Wigley
Patsy Burdette Wynne '74, M'10

As solid as the columns Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John so is the heritage at LaGrange College. Our families continue to seek the benefits of higher education upon the hill by returning generation after generation thus leaving a lasting legacy of footprints upon the many steps.

A legatee is a graduate who has a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse, or child who is an alumnus of LaGrange College. At the ceremony each May, a medallion is presented by the Alumni Association to the family of the legacy to place on the legatee. On commencement day, legacy students wear a silver medallion, which features the Gulley Gateway, a bridge that connects the lofty hill campus to the sprawling student-centered campus to the south. The college's founding year of 1831 is also engraved on the medallion to reflect the heritage of the institution. Legatees wear the medallion in honor of their family's continued tradition of attending LaGrange College.


Contact the Office of Alumni and Community Relations for more information 706.880.8244