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There is more to a healthy student than physical well-being. Sometimes the stresses of being away from home, keeping up with academics and dealing with new relationships can be a little hard to handle.

The LaGrange College Counseling Center's mission is to maintain a welcoming and confidential atmosphere while providing academic coaching, personal growth development and short-term counseling.  A licensed counselor directs the counseling and coordinates all other services.

We want each student to have the resources available to receive advice, assistance and counseling throughout his/her college experience.

Book an appointment in our LaGrange College office located in Smith Hall.

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Confidentiality is an essential part of our counseling process. All aspects of your participation in services at the Counseling Center, which include the scheduling of appointments, content of counseling sessions and any records that we keep, are confidential as outlined by ACA codes of ethics and the federal and state law. There are limitations of confidentiality, which includes indications of harming oneself or others.