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Leave a Legacy at LaGrange

Arranging a gift through your estate or other financial plans is an easy and affordable way to make a tremendous impact on future students. By planning a gift, you ensure your legacy with the young men and women at LaGrange College for generations to come.

There are several ways to do this, including a bequest in your will, charitable gift annuities, life insurance and IRA gifts, among others. You can see the list below for more information on all the different giving options. Your generosity makes you a member of the prestigious Quadrangle Society, and you can also reach the level of other Lifetime Giving Societies.

For information on how to make your gift, contact Andy Geeter, Director of Development, at ageeter@lagrange.edu or 706-880-8060. You can also download this brochure for more information.

Quadrangle Society

The Quadrangle Society recognizes the generous donors who have made provisions for LaGrange in their wills or have established deferred-giving plans.

Members furnish a dependable source of income for the institution beyond their lifetime and offer future generations of young people an education that transforms lives.

Proper planning can help you and your family realize the greatest benefits from your gifts to LaGrange College. This involves choosing the best combination of assets and vehicles to accomplish your charitable, financial and estate planning objectives.

Please see below for the different ways you can leave a gift and become a member of the Quadrangle Society. We encourage you to consult your attorney or financial advisor for a strategy that will best serve your needs.

Donor stories

Read about some of the people who have planned a gift and why they felt a call to help students.

Types of Planned Gifts

Bequests — This commitment made through your will is the simplest form of planned gift to make and one of the easiest to implement.

Charitable Gift Annuity — This gift of cash, property or stock can yield a guaranteed fixed income stream over the course of up to two people’s lives. Afterward, the balance passes to LaGrange College. Charitable gift annuities offer an immediate tax deduction, guaranteed income and interest rates far exceeding those available for traditional CDs.

Life Insurance — This is a simple way for donors of all ages to make a transformative gift. If LaGrange College is both the owner and beneficiary of the policy, the annual premium payments you make are treated as a charitable deduction.

IRA Rollover — Though not a “planned gift” in the traditional sense, this is a popular form of giving for donors at least 70½ years old. Approved by Congress on a year-to-year basis, this special provision allows you to roll over up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to LaGrange College without counting the transferred assets as income on your federal taxes. This rollover also can qualify as your required minimum distribution.

Life Estate Reserved — This is a transfer of your personal residence or farm to LaGrange College with the stipulation that you retain the right to use the property for your lifetime. You’ll also receive a current income tax deduction.

Charitable Remainder Trust — This is a transfer of cash or property to a trust that makes payments to you for your lifetime, or over a set number of years, before being passed to LaGrange College. If you have appreciated property producing little or no income that you would like to sell without paying capital gains tax, this is a good option.